Academic Freedom

Founded by British academics and free-thinkers of the day to provide safe-haven and support to colleagues at risk across Europe and to defend their right to explore the world of ideas, literature and science unfettered by political, social or religious oppression, censorship, or sanction.

CARA works closely with both the Network for Education & Academic Rights (NEAR), Scholars at Risk (SAR) with whom it founded the CARA Scholars at Risk UK Universities Network and the Scholars Rescue Fund (SRF).  Since 2010, CARA has led on higher education in the Global Coalition to Protect Education from Attack, and in 2011 established a second university network with the Association Commonwealth Universities (ACU). The aim of both university networks is to promote and defend academic freedom and provide practical support for academics at risk. 

Academic freedom remains the principle that underpins and informs CARA's work.

Lord Lionel C. Robbins (1898-1984) President of the British Academy (1962-67)

Of Academic Freedom Inaugural Lecture under the ‘Thank-Offering to Britain Fund’ 6 July 1966

"A society which respects and cherishes the freedom of its academic institutions and their members is much less likely to fall victim to the enemies of freedom in general than a society which does not. And without freedom, how little of what happens on this planet has ultimate morale significance?" 

Proceedings of the British Academy Vol 52 pp45-60