CARA Archive - Bodleian and UEL

Fortunately, the organisations history has been well preserved and a record of this drama of intellectual history, from 1933 through to 1956, is available to study in the Bodleian Library, Oxford. The archive contains personal files; correspondence with other refugee organizations and funding sources; and negotiations with universities and government departments relating to the support of academics fleeing the Fascist and Communist regimes in Europe between 1933 and 1987. The archive post 1956 (Hungarian Revolution) is not catalogued, although the CARA has produced a useful box list which is available through the office.

The online catalogue for the 1933–56 archive is available through the following link:

The United States Holocaust Museum has recently digitized various files from the archive and a CD is available, through the CARA office, containing the documents listed here.

The archive offers a matchless opportunity for study by historians of science, biographers, and political and social scientists, amongst others. If you would like to research the archives, please contact CARA on or call 020 7021 0880.