Become a CARA Angel

Without the involvement of willing volunteers, CARA might not exist.  From its earliest days, when W. H. Beveridge drew together a founding council which included luminaries such as John Maynard Keynes, Margery Fry and A. E Housman, to the present, CARA has depended on supporters to act as advocates and mentors.   In 2010, the Archbishop of Canterbury met some of our scholars and spoke eloquently on CARA’s behalf for a public meeting at University College, London.

You can help in many ways.  The support of UK academics as mentors to at-risk academics, advocates for CARA within their institutions, or workshop and research leaders is always welcome.  Our employment services depend on advice from industrial and commercial organisations.  Student supporters have been involved in events including sponsored challenges and book swaps, and have organised public discussions with some of our scholars.   CARA also often has opportunities for volunteers and interns.   

 ‘Coming from an atmosphere of political oppression and persecution, of hate and violence, of lawlessness, blackmail and of intrigue, we found here a spirit of friendliness, humanity, tolerance and fairness… and above all, respect for humanity.’
Sir Hans Krebs

Some of CARA's Angels:

Professor Nadje Al Ali, School of African and Oriental Studies
Mr Nazar Amso, Cardiff University
Professor Mike Barer, University of Leicester
Professor Ronald Barnett, Institute of Education
Dr Sarah Beazley, University of Manchester
Dr Stephanie Blankenburg, School of Oriental and African Studies
Dr Heather Brunskell-Evans, University of Greenwich
Dr Tim Corcoran, University of Sheffield
Dr Dina Dyala, University of Bath
Dr James Ebdon, University of Brighton
Professor Farzin Farzaneh, King's College London
Professor Douglas Godbold, Bangor University
Professor Alison Grant, London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine
Dr Jon Iggo, University of Liverpool
Professor Robert Istepanian, Kingston University
Professor Mary Jacobus, University of Cambridge
Professor Davey Jones, Bangor University
Professor Kevin McDonald, Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology
Dr Simon Martin, Loughborough University  
Dr Michele Moore, Institute of Education
Dr Stephen Morris-Jones, University College London Hospital
Dr Michele Obeid, University of Manchester
Dr Mike Pomerantz, University of Sheffield
Dr Wendy Pullan, University of Cambridge
Dr Kristina Pentieva, University of Ulster
Dr Edward Roberts, University of Manchester
Dr John Satherley, University of Liverpool
Mr Leslie Scarth, Univeristy of Edinburgh
Professor Roger Slee, Institute of Education
Dr Egbert Sondorp, School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine
Dr Jason Sparks, University of Sheffield
Dr Anwar Tappuni, Queen Mary, London
Dr Jane Westwell, Society of General Microbiology
Bruce Wooding, Central School of Speech and Drama