Support Fundraising Events

Group events can be great ways of raising both funds and awareness of issues.  CARA has benefitted from the committment of supporters and friends in several activities- and the partcipants had a wonderful time, too.


CARA and cycle from Cambridge to London on 31st May 2009 or walk 20, 40 or 60km across the South Downs on 9th May. All details below.

CARA's Cycle Challenge CARA's Cycle Challenge

CARA's Cycle Challenge

On May 31st, 2009, a phalanx of intrepid cyclists rode from the spires of Cambridge University to the hubbub of the University of London, clocking up 60 miles in one day.

Currently CARA is assisting 180 academics from over 30 countries. Through sponsorship, The Cycle Challenge helped CARA continue supporting its threatened academics, and open doors to many more individuals in need.

To date, CARA has successfully run two Cycle Challenges starting in 2008. The first bike ride raised over £10,000 with the help of our 65 diverse participants, ranging from students, professors, refugees, and distinguished CARA members.

The Cycle Challenge was an opportunity to engage in CARA's work, and enjoy a special day. CARA provided advice on training and fundraising,  accommodation in Cambridge for participants, and logistical support, first aid and bicycle maintenance on the day.   

We really appreciate the enthusiasm and hard work of all those who took part in the two CARA Cycle Challenges. Some happy cyclists:

'Very many congratulations to all involved.' Anne Lonsdale, Deputy Vice Chancellor, University of Cambridge
'It felt good to be actually cycling for a good cause. Thanks for organising it.' Stuart Taylor
'We thoroughly enjoyed the ride - great route.' Professor Judith Stephenson and Dr Alastair Barkely
'Thanks so much for organising this. This was the most fun I have probably ever had on a bike. The people were lovely and it ran really smoothly.' Alice Wilson

Photos from CARA Cycle Challenge 2008 can be viewed here.

Just Walk Just Walk

Just Walk

On 10th May 2008, two CARA teams took up a similar fundraising challenge, but at a slower pace.  Choosing either a 20 or a 60 kilometre route across the South Downs, participants had a great day out-  with the 60 kilometre group completing the route in a gruelling 11 hours.

Despite the heat and hills, it was a really fantastic day. The highlight has to be the last 2 hours; I never thought walking with a head torch could be so hard! - Great to be walking for such a good cause.
- Katie Eves

Do your Own Thing

Whether trekking the Inca Trail, doing a sponsored marathon or cycle or running a local fundraiser, CARA is happy to provide support and fundraising advice. We will also try to secure a place for you on your chosen sporting event. Please contact the CARA office at or on 0207 021 0880 to discuss further.