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Grantee Stories

Case study of an Ethiopian refugee academic supported by CARA
" With a long and distinguished career at the Ministry of Education, Leenco Faxulee lectured in Education at Addis Ababa University whilst studying for his PhD. With his students he openly promoted human rights and equal opportunities for all social groups. This brought him into direct opposition with the government....With permission to stay in the UK, Leenco had the challenge of searching for a job and completing his PhD. ..He explains, ‘Without this grant I would have had to have found other ways but I did not have many options available to me. I needed to complete work on my PhD and search for jobs, but could only use the public library computers for 2 hours per day. Gaining the funding for the laptop was a huge relief.’ To Read the Full Case Study Click Here

Case Study of a Sudanese refugee academic supported by CARA
"In his home country of Sudan, Ahmed was a successful academic with an international career spanning 25 years. In 2002 he was working as the Dean of a Faculty at a leading University in Sudan. One morning he arrived at his office to find an envelope waiting for him on his desk. He opened it and found inside a letter from the Vice Chancellor notifying him that his ‘services were no longer required’. The dismissal came directly from the government. Shocked and distressed, Ahmed went home to consider his options...He says, ‘When I came to the UK I was destroyed psychologically. I had suffered a lot and all my work over the last 25 years felt like a waste. The support I have gained from CARA has given me the confidence to realise that I have valuable skills and experience to offer and options that I can pursue. I am now in high spirits and if I can get the rest of my family to the UK then I will have no problems at all.’" To Read the Full Case Study Cick Here 

Latefa Guemar, the resilience of women refugee academics, a case study
"Between 1992 and 2000 153 journalists were killed in Algeria by Islamic Fundamentalists who were waging a civil war against the Algerian government. Latefa’s husband was due to be 154 and so fled to the UK for his life. To protect her family, Latefa abandoned her successful career in Algeria, working as a researcher and lecturer at the Research Centre for Technology of Welding and Non-Destructive Testing in Algeria, and applied for a UK visa to join her husband...“The day I went to CARA for the interview, I start feeling that I belonged to something in the UK. It makes me less depressed, for my well being belonging to the network, getting the newsletter, having someone to talk to when I had a problem it was very good for me.” To Read the Full Case Study Click Here
Latefa has been recently featured on the Swansea University webstie as a student success.