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Who was helped?

Amongst the 1,500 academics assisted in the early years, eighteen went on to win Nobel Prizes (see below), sixteen received Knighthoods (see below), well over a hundred were elected Fellows of The Royal Society and The British Academy, and many more became leaders in their respective fields. A few of those we have helped are listed below. For a full list, please contact the office or look at our on line catalogue.

Sir Ludwig Guttmann, who founded the Paralympics games and Stoke Mandeville Hospital for spinal injuries

Sir Nicholas Pevsner, whose books on architecture made us look at our heritage with new eyes

Max Born , one of the few physicists who refused to work on the atomic bomb

Sir Hans Krebs, who discovered the key sequence of metabolic chemical reactions that produce energy in cells, also known as the Krebs cycle

Sir Karl Popper, one of the greatest philosophers of science of the 20th century.

Max Perutz OM, whose work on hemoglobin contributed to our understanding of diseases of the blood

Sir Ernst Chain, who was instrumental in the discovery of penicillin

Sir Ernst Gombrich, the most eminent art historian of the last half-century

Justice Albie Sachs, anti-apartheid activist and moving force behind the Constitution of the new South Africa

Marta Zabaleta, writer and feminist expelled from both Argentina and Chile.

The intellectual, social and economic contribution of refugees to the life of Britain and the world has repaid our hospitality a thousand fold.


Sir Eric Ash, Sir Walter Bodmer, Sir John Burgh, Sir Ernst Chain, Sir Hermann Bondi, Sir Geoffrey Elton, Sir Ernest Gombrich, Sir Ludwig Guttman, Sir Peter Hirsch, Sir Otto Kahn-Freund, Sir Bernard Katz, Sir Hans Kornberg, Sir Hans Krebs, Sir Claus Moser, Sir Rudolf Peierls, Sir Nikoloaus Pevsner, Sir Karl Popper and Sir Francis Simon.


Professor H A Bethe, Professor M Born, Sir Ernst Chain, Professor M Delbruck, Professor D Gabor, Dr G Herzberg, Professor J Heyrovsky, Sir Bernard Katz, Sir Hans Krebs, Dr F Lipmann, Professor O Loewi, Professor S Luria, Professor S Ochoa, Dr M Perutz, Professor J Polanyi, and Professor E Segre.