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Plight of Iraqi Academics

27 June 2008
Gunmen shoot dead senior Iraqi judge by MRS/MMN
Leading Iraqi judge Kamil al-Shewaili is ambushed and shot to death by masked drive-by gunmen while driving home in eastern Baghdad.

Iraq's Higher Judicial Council spokesman Abdul-Sattar Bayrkdar said masked drive-by shooters gunned down al-Showaili on Thursday afternoon on Canal Highway as he was heading home. more...

24 June 2008
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24 June 2008
The University of Vermont
UVM Offers Free Summer Housing for Refugee Families by Lee Ann Cox
"We're welcoming our new neighbors," said Susan Comerford, associate dean for academic affairs and research in the College of Education and Social Services, as the university opens vacant summer residences to families from Iraq, Myanmar, and, soon, beyond. UVM already has well-established partnerships with the Vermont Refugee Resettlement Program (VRRP), including a year-long series of staff seminars given by the social work faculty, but this new step presents immediate, direct aid to families whose lives have been upended. more...

22 June 2008
Iraqi Refugees, America's Shame by Medea Benjamin
Sister Marie-Claude Naddaf is obviously tired of talking to the stream of well-meaning foreigners who have been traipsing through Syria to learn about the plight of the over one million Iraqi refugees now living here. Humanitarian groups, religious delegations, migration experts. They write reports full of lofty recommendations. So much talk, so little action. more...

20 June 2008
IRAQ: Refugees could fuel regional instability, experts say by sm/ar/cb
BAGHDAD, 20 June 2008 (IRIN) - As World Refugee Day is marked on 20 June, Iraqi experts have been urging the government and international community to do more to help the large number of Iraqi refugees in the Middle East. more...

18 June 2008
More attacks reported against Iraqi universities by Salem Areef

Universities in Baghdad and Mosul have recently turned into scenes of violent attacks, targeting both students and their professors.As the government brags about its successes in the area of security, the universities in these two cities have seen an upsurge in violence on a scale comparable to 2006 when sectarian conflict was at its peak.


16 June 2008
IRAQ-JORDAN: Government gives UNHCR US$8 million to help refugees in Jordan by sm/ar/cb
BAGHDAD, 16 June 2008 (IRIN) - The Iraqi government has given US$8 million to the UN Refugee Agency (UNHCR) to assist more than 500,000 Iraqi refugees living in neighbouring Jordan, a government statement said on 15 June... more...

15 June 2008
Monsters and Critics.com
Blast near Baghdad college, academic killed in north by Deutsche Presse-Agentur
Baghdad - A bomb blast near the technical university in the centre of Baghdad left several people injured on Sunday while gunmen shot dead an academic and injured his two sons in the northern city of Mosul, according to eyewitnesses and police... more...

15 June 2008
IRAQ: IDPs demand government return them home by sm/ar/ed
BAGHDAD, 15 June 2008 (IRIN) - Nearly 500 internally displaced persons (IDPs) took to the streets of central Baghdad on 14 June demanding the government secure their return to their homes and pay compensation to those with damaged properties.... more...

15 June 2008
Monsters and Critics.com
Iraqi army readies offensive in south by Deutsche Presse-Agentur
Baghdad - Iraqi government troops took up positions on Sunday in the southern Maysan province in a fresh operation against Shiite militias while cities in northern Iraq saw a fresh outbreak of violence... more...

05 June 2008
Both sides win with plan to open U.S. doors for Iraqi students by Trudy Rubin
No matter the divide between presidential candidates on Iraq, here's an idea they all can endorse.The Iraqi government has proposed using the country's oil revenues to send 10,000 high school graduates a year to study abroad -- for the next five years.... more...

02 June 2008
Bomb explosion kills deputy dean of Iraqi college
MOSUL, Iraq, June 2 (Xinhua) -- A bomb explosion killed a deputy dean of a college in Mosul University in northern Iraq on Monday, a local police source said. more...

02 June 2008
Reuters FactBox
Security Developments
A deputy dean at the University of Mosul was killed when a bomb attached to his car exploded in northern Mosul, police said. MAHAWEEL - Two bodies were found with gunshot wounds and signs of torture in Mahaweel, 60 km (35 miles) south of Baghdad, police said. more...

11 May 2008
Iraq's deadly brain drain by Clea Caulcutt
Dr. Khalid Nasir al-Miyahi is just one in a long list of academics assassinated in Iraq. Al-Miyahi was a professor at Basra University and the only neurosurgeon in the southern Iraqi city. He was kidnapped on March 9, 2008. The next day, his bullet-ridden body was found on the streets of Basra. more...

08 May 2008
The National
Babylon university defies conflict by Phil Sands and Nizar Latif, Foreign Correspondents
BABIL, IRAQ // Students sit in the campus gardens, reading and talking in the shade of palm trees. Without exception the women have their heads covered in traditional Arabic scarves, but they mix freely with the men, filling in time between lectures or finishing off homework. The atmosphere is happy and industrious. more...

08 May 2008
Baghdad Life
Purging the Brains is a General Phenomenon by Sarmad Ali
Last week, I wrote about how Shiite militias assumed control in some Baghdad hospitals and how, even five years after the U.S. invasion, they still exert power over many hospitals in predominantly Shiite districts and provinces. I covered health care as a reporter for an English-language Iraqi newspaper just after the U.S. invasion, and it is an issue that affects family and friends home in Iraq. Here is more on the topic.

Last October, as Osama Majid, a neurosurgeon in his mid-thirties, walked into his private clinic in Baghdad, a piece of paper someone had slipped under the door caught his eye. He picked it up and read: “Quit working in health institutions and in your private clinic or you’ll die.” more...

06 May 2008
FACTBOX-Security developments in Iraq
BAGHDAD - Gunmen killed Ayad Hamza, the deputy director of Nahrain University in charge of sciences, and wounded his two sons in a drive-by shooting on Sunday in Mansour district, western Baghdad, an Education Ministry spokeswoman said. more...

05 May 2008
The Associated Press
Iraq by Numbers
key figures since the war began in 2003 more...

05 May 2008
Yahoo News / AP
Men carry coffin of an assistant president of al-Nahrain University Dr. Ayad Hamza Jassim in Baghdad, Iraq, Monday, May 5, 2008. Dr. Jassim was killed by AP Photo - Khalid Mohammed
Men carry coffin of an assistant president of al-Nahrain University Dr. Ayad Hamza Jassim in Baghdad, Iraq, Monday, May 5, 2008. Dr. Jassim was killed by gunmen yesterday in central Baghdad, two of his sons who were with him were wounded, one seriously. more...

20 April 2008
Ottawa Citizen
Seven freed after kidnapping in Iraq by Noah Barkin, Reuters
BAGHDAD - Iraqi security forces have freed seven of 11 people who were kidnapped earlier on Sunday near Baquba, north of Baghdad, the Iraqi military said. more...

19 April 2008
The Ottowa Citizen
Protecting the professors by Leonard Stern
In unfree societies, intellectuals are the enemy of the state. They are trained to think critically, and that's something dictators don't like citizens to do. Social control requires conformity. Intellectuals, however, have the habit of being curious, of asking questions and challenging the official party line. more...

13 April 2008
The Guardian
Refugees fight forced return to Iraq war zones: UN dismay as tribunal allows British expulsions by Jamie Doward
The United Nations last night accused the government of holding a 'sword of Damocles' over the heads of Iraqi refugees in Britain after it emerged that the Home Office had won a landmark test case giving it the power to return refugees to war-torn parts of their home country, including Basra and Baghdad. more...

17 March 2008
Trend News
Academic Killed in Nothern Iraq
An Iraqi academic with New Zealand nationality was killed by gunmen in the northern Iraqi city of Kirkuk, police said Wednesday.   Abdel-Sattar Taher Sharif, a professor at Kirkuk University, was shot dead by assailants in the Shirwah district, Major-General Sarhad Qadir from the local police told Deutsche Presse-Agentur dpa. more...

11 March 2008
Fox News
Iraq's New Insurance Policy Against Brain Drain by David Piper
BAGHDAD, Iraq — Sadi Jawad is on a mission to help stem the flood of Iraq’s best and brightest out of the war-torn country. more...

06 March 2008
The Times Higher Education Supplement
Academic exchanges under threat as scientists are refused entry visas by Melanie Newman

05 March 2008
The Earth Times - Middle East World News
At least three killed, three wounded in Iraq violence - Summary by DPA
Baghdad - At least three people were killed, including a family, and three wounded in separate attacks, as violence flared across Iraq on Wednesday, witnesses and police said. In one incident, police and witnesses said a bomb attack killed two and injured three people all from the same family in the northern city of Kirkuk. more...

24 January 2008
The Independent
A lesson in how to create Iraqi orphans by Robert Fisk
And then how to make life worse for them more...

08 January 2008
BBC Radio 4 'Taking A Stand'
Dr Saad Eskander, Director, Iraqi National Library
Fergal Keane talks to people who have taken risks and made sacrifices to stand up for what they believe in.  Dr Saad Eskander, director of Iraq's National Library, explains why he decided to return from exile in Britain in an attempt to preserve his country's rich cultural heritage in the face of extremists and corruption. He describes what it is like to live with the threat of assassination in a city where sectarian gangs have killed thousands.

20 December 2007
On Point US Broadcast Network
Iraqi Intellectuals in Exile: Iraq's brain drain and Iraq's future by James Hattori
The day-to-day news out of Iraq misses one of the country's saddest and most important,stories: the exodus of Iraq's intellectual class.  While tens of thousands of Iraqi refugees are heading back, many professionals will never return and they leave an enormous void -- one that hurts the prospects for stability.  We'll talk to three prominent Iraqi intellectuals who fled -- about why they left, about starting over, about what they think it will take to repair Iraq and how their country's war looks from the outside.  With guests John Akker, professor of refugee studies at London South Bank University and executive secretary of the Council for Assisting Refugee Academics (CARA); Donny George Youkhana, former director general of the Iraqi National Museum and former president of the Iraq Antiquities Board, he now teaches at Stony Brook University in New York ; Abdul Sattar Jawad, former editor of the Baghdad Mirror and former chair of the English department at Baghdad University, he is currently a visiting professor of English at Harvard University; Saad Jawad, a longtime political science professor at Baghdad University, now at the University of Exeter.

20 December 2007
New York Times
Refugees Risk Coming Home to an Unready Iraq by Cara Buckley
The widow Hashim crossed the border into Iraq from Syria at dusk last month, heading homeward as the sun set behind her and the sky ahead grew dark. Her dwindling savings had bought her family passage aboard a crowded bus, but there was no telling what awaited her at journey’s end. The only sure thing was that she would have to look for a new home and a job in a city starved for work and crudely reshaped by war. more...

13 December 2007
IRAQ-JORDAN: Government introduces entry visas for Iraqis
In a bid to control the flow of migrants from Iraq, Jordan is now demanding that Iraqis wishing to enter the kingdom first secure entry visas, the official Jordanian news agency Petra said on 11 December. more...

30 November 2007
Georgetown University News
Int'l Community Must Act to Help Iraqi Refugees
The international community must increase its response to the growing Iraqi refugee crisis, says a new report published by Georgetown University’s Institute for the Study of International Migration (ISIM) and Center for International and Regional Studies (CIRS). More than two million Iraqis are living as refugees primarily in Syria and Jordan as a result of the war, and project researchers say their unresolved needs now constitute a humanitarian crisis in the region. more...

28 November 2007
New York Times
Grim View of Iraq Dangers in Survey of Journalists by Richard Perez-Pena
In a newly released survey, American journalists in Iraq give harrowing accounts of their work, with the great majority saying that colleagues have been kidnapped or killed and that most parts of Baghdad are too dangerous for them to visit. more...

12 November 2007
A Civil War On Campus by Babak Dehghanpisheh
Sunnis and Shiites are dividing the classroom.
The ceremony was no ordinary after-school activity. Prayer flags and banners were plastered across walls at east Baghdad's Mustansiriya University last spring to commemorate the birth of Hassan al Askari, a Shiite imam. Devout activists urged students to join a celebration at the school stadium after class. Hamid Duleimi, a 22-year-old physics major, tried to slip off campus, but he didn't get far. An AK-47-toting guard halted him at the school gate. more...

21 October 2007
The New York Times
Syria Shuts Main Exit From War for Iraqis by Thanassis Cambanis
Long the only welcoming country in the region for Iraqi refugees, Syria has closed its borders to all but a small group of Iraqis. more...

07 September 2007
Radio Free Europe
Iraq: Plight Of Displaced Worsens by Sumedha Senanayake
Four years after the U.S.-led invasion of Iraq, the Iraqi refugee crisis has become one of the world's most severe humanitarian issues. The UN estimates that more than 2.2 million Iraqis have fled the country, mostly to neighboring Jordan and Syria. In addition, there are another 2 million internally displaced persons (IDPs) within Iraq's borders. more...

03 September 2007
Radio Free Europe
Syria To Impose Visas on Iraqis to Stem Refugee Influx
Syria is reported to have imposed visa requirements on Iraqi nationals in a bid to control the flood of Iraqi refugees into the country. Western news agencies quote Syrian officials as saying only Iraqis belonging to the economic, commercial, and scientific sectors will be authorized to enter Syria. The move is to take effect on September 10. more...

09 August 2007
The Guardian
Skilled migrant rules unfair to 49,000 in UK, say MPs by Alan Travis
Immigration rule changes that have left 49,000 highly skilled migrants who have settled in Britain facing the possibility of deportation are "unfair and unlawful" and should be dropped immediately, according to a report from MPs and peers published today. more...

03 August 2007
Radio Free Europe
Iraq: UN Set To Expand Scope Of Mandate by Kathleen Ridolfo
The UN Security Council will consider in the coming days a draft resolution put forward by Britain that calls for an expanded UN mandate in Iraq. The current UN mandate on Iraq is set to expire on August 10. The proposed mandate, which is expected to be ratified by member states next week, would pave the way for the largest UN mission on the ground in Iraq since 2003. That year, the UN pulled its expatriate staff from the country following the August bombing of UN headquarters in Baghdad that killed UN envoy Sergio Vieira de Mello and 22 others. more...

31 July 2007
Iraqi refugee families need help to educate their children by Astrid van Genderen Stort
When the Mikhail family escaped to Syria, hounded from their home in Baghdad at the end of last year by death threats, they had to begin a new struggle as refugees. Repeatedly, the parents have been told there is no room at school for their six children. more...

30 July 2007
The Independent
Britain accused of failing in its responsibility to refugees by Nigel Morris
The few Iraqi refugees who complete the perilous and expensive trip to Britain have little prospect of being allowed to stay. more...

27 July 2007
Iraq Slogger
UN Appeal for Education of Iraqi Refugees
Two UN agencies have launched a $129 million appeal to extend educational opportunity to Iraqi schoolchildren living as refugees in neighboring countries of the region. more...

19 July 2007
Radio Free Europe
Iraq: Refugee Crisis Could Become Regional Security Threat by Sumedha Senanayake
In a mid-year report issued on July 17, the International Organization for Migration (IOM) warned that the rate at which Iraqis are being driven from their homes since the bombing of the Al-Askari Mosque in February 2006 has not subsided. According to data from the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR), approximately 2.2 million Iraqis are currently internally displaced and an additional 2 million have fled to neighboring countries, particularly Jordan and Syria. more...

19 July 2007
UNHCR deputy chief urges Iraqi refugees to send children to school by Sybella Wilkes
Deputy High Commissioner for Refugees L. Craig Johnstone on Thursday urged Iraqi refugees in Syria to enrol their children in public schools as he continued his first visit to the Middle East for UNHCR. more...

29 June 2007
Iraq Slogger
Baghdad University Professor Found Dead
Police forces found a body of a university professor in al-Ezza region with gunshot wounds to the head and the neck,” the source, who declined to be named, told the independent news agency Voices of Iraq (VOI). more...

23 June 2007
Times Online
In 2004 – with Saddam gone – 27 Iraqi students started their degree course full of hope. Today just 7 will sit their finals
Linda Hayali should be elated. Like thousands of other Iraqi undergraduates, she will sit down today and take her final examination after three years of hard work at Baghdad University. more...

31 May 2007
Radio Free Europe
Iraq: Christian Population Dwindling Due To Threats, Attacks by Kathleen Ridolfo
Leaders of Iraq's Christian community estimate that over two-thirds of the country's Christian population has fled the country since the U.S.-led invasion in 2003. While exact numbers are unknown, reports suggest that whole neighborhoods of Christians have cleared out in the cities of Baghdad and Al-Basrah, and that both Sunni and Shi'ite insurgent groups and militias have threatened Christians. more...

24 May 2007
BBC News
Iraqi students brave the bombs

23 May 2007
UNICEF calls for aid to Iraqi children

22 May 2007
Lives in limbo
Many Iraqi academics have escaped death threats only to find that their qualifications are obsolete and immigration authorities are unsympathetic. Jim Giles hears their stories. more...

22 May 2007
The World Socialist Website
The US war and occupation of Iraq The murder of a society by Bill Van Auken
Estimates of the number of university professors killed since 2003 range between 250 and 1,000. These educators have been targeted by Islamist militias because they are seen as proponents of secularism and a national identity that cuts across religious-ethnic divides. more...

18 May 2007
The Chronicle of Higher Education
Iraq's Universities Near Collapse by Zvika Krieger
Hundreds of professors and students have been killed or kidnapped, hundreds more have fled, and those who remain face daily threats of violence. more...

14 May 2007
International Herald Tribune
Lessons in war: Iraqi students brave violence, teacher shortages and damaged schools
Saif Abdul-Karim's path to school is often blocked by car bombings and gunbattles. Many of his teachers have quit. Most of his classmates have dropped out, fearing abduction. more...

05 May 2007
Iraqi scientists get free access to research journals

25 April 2007
UN criticises Iraq human rights
The UN has sharply criticised the Iraqi government's human rights
record, in the two months since a security plan was launched in the capital, Baghdad. more...

13 April 2007
Bombings rattle classroom, unite students by Kyra Phillips
Political science students at Baghdad University had barely begun a discussion of comparisons between the Iraq and Vietnam wars when suddenly nearby explosions shook the classroom. more...

29 March 2007
Delaware Voice
Iraq Crisis undermines welfare of universities by Gerry Turkel
Universities in Iraqi are deeply affected by the chaos and bloodshed that characterize Iraqi society. more...

24 March 2007
BBC News (Baghdad)
Iraqi Scholars fighting for an education by Hugh Sykes
Violence, and fear of violence, are corroding educational standards in Iraq. more...

20 March 2007
The Guardian
Abid Thyab: 'Keep religion and politics out of it'
Over the barrels of their Kalashnikovs, Iraqi insurgents hope to see an academic or a politician. Dr Abid Thyab al-Ajeeli is both. But Iraq's minister for higher education and scientific research says protection from scores of security guards is not for him. Instead he cheats death by travelling in disguise. "I go from one town to another in sportswear or Arabic headdress," he says. more...

15 March 2007
UN News
Iraq: Schools and Universities Deserted for Fear of Violence
A joint study by the Iraqi Ministry of Education and UNICEF informes that in Iraq, schools and universities are likely to continue emptying throughout 2007 if there is no let up to current levels of violence and the displacement it causes. more...

14 March 2007
Tehran Times
Education can promote Iraq's national unity: EC chairman
TEHRAN -- Expediency Council Chairman Akbar Hashemi Rafsanjani said here on Tuesday that Iraq needs unity and most of the current disputes can be resolved through understanding and education. more...

06 March 2007
The Independent
The refugees fleeing Iraq are our responsibility by Tom Porteous
If the Prime Minister has refused to apologise for invading Iraq , he should at least accept responsibility for its consequences. Two million Iraqis have fled the violence unleashed by the invasion and occupation. And as the violence escalates, so does the exodus. more...

28 February 2007
Death batters at the doors of Iraq ís universities by Michaela Cancela-Kieffer
BAGHDAD: The Iraqi minister was at a loss. 'What can we do?' he asked in a trembling voice after a woman suicide bomber detonated an explosive vest at a Baghdad business college, slaughtering 40 people. more...

13 February 2007
Al Jazeera International
Bomber strikes near Baghdad college
Up to 16 people are reported to have been killed and 27 wounded after a suicide bomber detonated explosives in a van near a Baghdad college, police say. more...

13 February 2007
BBC News (Baghdad)
Iraqis use internet to survive war by Andrew North
Google is playing an unlikely role in the Iraq war. Its online
satellite map of the world, Google Earth, is being used to help people survive sectarian violence in Baghdad. more...

31 January 2007
Khaleej Times
Bodies of three Sunni professors and a student found, three days after their abduction BAGHDAD, Iraq
The bodies of three Sunni professors and a student were found Wednesday, three days after they were abducted by gunmen from a law school in Baghdad, the education ministry said. more...

24 January 2007
Gunmen open fire on Iraqi minister's convoy, kill one
Gunmen opened fire on the motorcade of Iraq's higher education minister on a highway in southern Baghdad on Wednesday, killing one of his guards, the minister told Reuters. more...

22 January 2007
Refugee Council on Line
Forced removal is alarming given scale of refugee crisis in Iraq

19 January 2007
Washington Times
Bombing latest blow to colleges by James Palmer
BAGHDAD -- Even before bombings at a university killed at least 70 persons this week, Iraq's universities were on the verge of collapse with scores of professors and students killed by Islamist militants. more...

16 January 2007
UN News Centre
Over 34,000 civilians killed in Iraq in 2006, says UN report on rampant abuses more...

16 January 2007
Middle East Times
65 killed as Baghdad university bombed by Ammar Karim AFP
Sixty-five people, including students and teachers, were killed as a suicide bomber and a car bomb exploded outside a university in Baghdad Tuesday. more...

16 January 2007
Explosion at Baghdad university kills 65 by Sally Peck
Iraq violence claims 70,000 casualties more...

05 January 2007
BBC News
Iraq's academics targeted by militias
Hundreds of academics, doctors and other specialists have been murdered in Iraq since the US-led invasion in 2003. Many more are among the thousands of people fleeing the country, adding to the brain drain. BBC Arabic.com asked four Iraqi academics, all based outside Iraq, why they thought they were being targeted, and what could be done to help. more...

03 January 2007
International Herald Tribunal
A university for Iraq, far from the chaos of Baghdad by Edward Wong

20 December 2006
Iraqi Intellectuals in Exile: Iraq's brain drain and Iraq's future by guest host James Hattori
The day-to-day news feed out of Iraq misses one of the country's saddest and most important stories: the exodus of Iraq's intellectual class. While tens of thousands of Iraqi refugees are heading back, many professionals will never return. And they leave an enormous void -- one that hurts the prospects for stability. We'll talk to three prominent Iraqi intellectuals who fled -- about why they left, about starting over, about what they think it will take to repair Iraq, and how their country's war looks from the outside.

12 December 2006
The Guardian
Professors in penurys by Francis Beckett
Academics are being forced to flee certain death in Iraq - but face a very uncertain life in the UK. more...

08 December 2006
Denver Post.com/The Associated Press
2 College profs among 23 slain in Iraq by Thomas Wagner
A series of bombings and shootings killed at least 23 people in Iraq on Thursday, including a 7-year- old girl and two college professors. more...

08 December 2006
The Times Higher Education Supplement
Letter Speak out on Iraq
The appeal by the Council for Assisting Refugee Academics (Letters, December 1) to help our Iraqi colleagues should be supported beyond cash and sanctuary. British academics should analyse and speak out against what is happening in Iraq in the name of restoring freedom and democracy.
Pat Brady Council for Academic Freedom and Academic Standards

08 December 2006
The Times Higher
The Iraqi people have developed a bit of a routine... by Many Garner
With concerns about attacks on academics rising - the Council for Assisting Refugee Academics held a meeting in the UK last week comparing the killings of academics in Iraq to the Nazi era. more...

07 December 2006
The Independent
Cautious words conceal the true savagery of life in Iraq by Patrick Cockburn
The cautious words of the Baker-Hamilton report stand in sharp contrast to the savagery and terror that dominate everyday life in Baghdad. Many of the terrible disasters it fears may occur in future are in fact already happening. It states more...

07 December 2006
The Independent
Iraq's universities are in meltdown by Lucy Hodges
As Iraq descends into chaos its scholars are calling on Tony Blair for help

07 December 2006
The Independent
Leading article: Iraq's Scholars - we can help
All credit to the Council for Assisting Refugee Academics (Cara) for taking action to support Iraqi students and scholars

07 December 2006
Schools out as Baghdad bloodshed kills education
Ahmed waits outside his school's gates on a chilly midweek morning, holding his textbooks by his side. more...

01 December 2006
The Times Higher Education Supplement
Iraqi refugee appeal
The appeal by Sami Ramadani about the plight of Iraqi academics (Opinion, November 24) deserves considerable support from your readers. Today, we learnt that political scientists Abdul Salam Swaidan and Al-Mash-Hadani and scholarships expert AbduHamid Al-Hadithi were found dead on November 24. They had been tortured, their bodies mutilated. All three had been kidnapped the previous week from the Ministry of Higher Education. They follow 200-plus Iraqi cademics who have already been assassinated and the many more who have been held hostage. We hope those in UK universities will respond to Ramadani's call "to defend the living". This week we have launched the Council for Assisting Refugee Academics Emergency Fund for Iraqi Academics (www.academic-refugees.org). We would urge all universities and their staff to make contributions to this fund so practical help can be given to colleagues affected by the dreadful events in Iraq.
John Akker
Executive Secretary. Council for Assisting Refugee Academics

27 November 2006
Washington Post
Iraq's Deadliest Zone: Schools by Abdul Sattar Jawad
The mass kidnappings of scholars in Iraq underscore the chilling fact that the most dangerous place in Iraq is not the mosque, the marketplace or the military checkpoint, but the classroom. More than 250 academics have been killed since 2003. more...

24 November 2006
The Times Higher Education Supplement
The war on intellectuals claims lives and hope by Sami Ramadani
The exodus of the academics and professionals threatens Iraq's universities and teaching hospitals with collapse. What will remain will be no more than facades and emblems. It is ironic that the proponents of the "clash of civilisations" are presiding over the destruction of one of humanity's cradles of civilisation, learning and knowledge. more...

19 November 2006
Genocide against Iraqi academics?
Hundreds of Iraqi academics and University professors have been killed in the war-torn country since the invasion in March 2003, as stated a petition to the United Nations Special Rapporteur. more...

17 November 2006
Guardian Online
Lecturing in the Iraqi war zone Education by John Akker
Academics in Iraq are being threatened, abused and killed. We must do something to help our colleagues more...

17 November 2006
Times Online
They may look carefree, but this campus is now a battleground by Ned Parker
THE brazen kidnapping of up to 150 people at a Higher Education Ministry building this week was the latest shot in a sectarian war that has claimed university campuses as a battlefield. more...

15 November 2006
Chronicle of Higher Education
Gunmen in Iraq abduct scores of men in daytime raid on a higher-education agency office by Burton Bollag
In a grim escalation of violence against Iraqi higher education, gunmen raided a government education agency in Baghdad on Tuesday and abducted scores of male employees and visitors. Some of the men were released within hours of the attack. more...

14 November 2006
The Times
Dozens abducted from Baghdad ministry by Ned Parker

14 November 2006
IRAQ: Minister closes universities following mass kidnapping

14 November 2006
Guardian Online
Scores of academics seized in mass kidnap by Michael Howard
Five senior Iraqi police officers were arrested last night after gunmen in police uniforms seized scores of people at a prominent scientific research institute in Baghdad in an audacious operation that underlined the lawlessness gripping the Iraqi capital and the threat it poses to the country's tottering education system. more...

14 November 2006
Guardian Unlimited
Up to 150 kidnapped from Baghdad Institute by James Sturcke
Dozens of people were killed and scores kidnapped today as insurgents in Iraq unleashed new levels of violence. more...

02 November 2006
Baghdad Bulletin
Death stalks the campus by Aparisim Ghosh

14 October 2006
Guardian Unlimited - letter
We believe those in European and America universities should be doing much more to help their fellow academics in Iraq. Through our recently created Cara/Scholars at Risk UK Universities Network, we will be doing just this. We urgently need help and support to ensure that these university staff are assisted in their hour of need, just as in the 20th century with academics from Germany, Hungary, South Africa and Chile.
Professor John Akker
Executive secretary, Council for Assisting Refugee Academics more...

04 October 2006
The Guardian
Iraqi education system on brink of collapse by Peter Beaumont

04 July 2006
The Guardian Letters
Iraq's situation much much worse by John Akker

28 June 2006
Nature Magazine
Scientists become targets in Iraq
[Nature Magazine] (Vol 441/ 29 June 2006), copyright (2006)
Reprinted by permission from MacMillan Publishers Ltd: more...

06 April 2006
The Telegraph
Killings lead to brain drain by Oliver Poole

24 March 2006
The Guardian
The Iraqi brain drain

16 March 2006
Iraqi intellectuals flee 'death squads' by Ahmed Janabi

10 March 2006
Iraq's academics Times
Tortured, shot, ambushed by Felicity Arbuthnot

28 February 2006
Iraq: Academia's killing fields by Felicity Arbuthnot

11 November 2005
The Time Higher Education Supplement
Plea for UK academic sector to give safe haven to colleagues by Olga Wojtas
UK Universities must pool their resources at home and abroad to offer support to academic refugees forced to flee their homelands more...

25 May 2005
SciDev Net
Iraqi Higher Education in Tatters by Mike Shanahan
Burnt, looted or destroyed. That has been the fate of 84 per cent of Iraq's higher education institutions during and since the 2003 war, according to a report released this month by the United Nations University (UNU). more...

14 March 2005
Sky News
'Scandal' Of Refugee Jobs

17 January 2005
USA Today
Approximately 300 academics have been killed by Charles Crain

16 July 2004
Jordan Times
Death threats, assassinations teaching Iraqi academics to watch what they say by Matthew Green