People & Governance

CARA has a Council of Management of 25 recruited predominantly from the world of academia and from whom members of the Finance & General Purpose Committee, the Grant Allocation Committee and the Iraq Hardship Committee are drawn.

The Council meets annually in June ahead of CARA’s Annual General Meeting and the Committees twice a year. The CARA Executive Secretary is charged with the day-to-day management of CARA and its eight members of staff.

CARA People

President   Sir John Ashworth
Chair   Mrs Anne Lonsdale MA, CBE
Vice Chair  Professor Sir Deian Hopkin
Honorary Treasurer  Mark Wellby

Executive Secretary    Professor John Akker
Deputy Executive Secretary    Kate Robertson

UK Grant Programme & Development Manager    Adi Foksheneanu
UK Grant Programme Officer Ryan Mundy
UK Grant Programme Interns  Alastair Lomas

Iraq Programme Manager    Kate Robertson
Iraq Programme Officer    Annalisa Renna
Iraq Programme Intern     Verity Buckley
Iraq Programme Volunteers    Anne Robbins, Dr Jawad Al Hashemy

Zimbabwe Programme Manager    Laura Wintour
Zimbabwe Programme Assistant   Julie Moser

Office Manager    Lucy James
Finance Officer    Fernando Garcia (part-time)