Useful Publications

Higher Education Pathways: a handbook for the refugee community in the UK (CARA)
This handbook aims to help refugees and asylum seekers wishing to study for a degree in the UK, but who have little or no knowledge of the UK higher education system. It provides a comprehensive guide to the opportunities available and the steps needed to achieve this important goal, including a directory of specialist higher education, refugee and funding organisations. It is also an invaluable guide for advisors. This handbook is now out of print. To download a copy of the handbook, click here.

Fragments in the Dark: Women Writing Home and Self in Wales
(Edited by Jeni Williams and Latefa Guemar)
A collection of poems, testimonies & fiction by women born Welsh or settled in Wales, editted by one of CARA's grantees, including professional writers side by side with women who have found themselves swept from their homes by tides of violence and arrived, dazed with shock and loss, here in Wales... To order a copy, click here

2nd Edition of the LORECA Employment, Training and Business Support Directory 2007-08 (LORECA)
The London Refugee Economic Action Directory provides information on over 730 agencies across London which provide services for refugees and asylum seekers in the areas of: employment, training, and business support. You can download the directory in pdf form from LORECA's publications page. You can also search the directory from LORECA's website. Hard copies are also available to organisations by calling LORECA's Resource Information Service on 020 7939 0641.

Refugees and Asylum Seekers: An Education, Traning and Emploment Guide for Advisors (RAGU) 
This guide is focused on information, advice and guidance for education, training, volunteering and employment for refugees and asylum seekers. It also touches on other issues that will have an impact on education, training and employment. To download a copy of the guide click here.

Jobs in Education: A Guide for Refugees (Refugee Teachers Task Force and Employability Forum)
This guide introduces the education systems in the United Kingdom, including: the types of school, the subjects taught in them, the jobs that are available in these schools. The guide also examines the different paths towards becoming recognised as a qualified teacher and provides advice on how to access courses, support and further guidance. To download a copy click here.

Educational rights and entitlements of refugees in further and higher education (Education Action)
This guide outlines the educational rights and entitlements of refugees and asylum seekers in further and higher education. To download the guide, please click here.


Other Useful Publications

Do study grants help refugees find jobs?  A case study of the effects of the voluntary sector grants on the education, training and employment of refugees in the United Kingdom

Using the Africa Educational Trust (AET) as a case study, this research study examines the employment outcomes of refugees who receive financial grants. Key findings of the study include:
· Refugees who received study grants were more likely to attend and successfully complete their courses than those who did not;
· Refugees who studied health care, education, social science and business studies courses were more likely to be in employment than those who studied computing and information technology courses;
· Refugees who received grants were more likely to be in employment than those who did not;
· Women were more likely than men to undertake further education training;
· The main employers of refugees were small businesses, supermarkets, community centres and local authorities;
· Employment of refugees was affected by their understanding of the UK labour market and English language.

To download a copy of the report click here.


The AGCAS has published an information sheet for University Researchers and Job market (

The following document may help reach various resources in pursuit of UK employment.

To Download the report please click here.

The attached is an information sheet regarding Information on Interpreting and Translating in the UK