What We Do

Campaigning & Events CARA's campaigning and events, are central to its strategic awareness-raising and lobbying activities.

Grants & Fellowships CARA's UK Grant  Programme for Refugee academics and Iraq Fellowship Programmes lie at the heart of its core aim to provide practical assistance to displaced, refugee and at-risk academics. 

Iraq Programme In addition to the above Iraq Programme fellowship  schemes, the Iraq programme includes a number of other complementary activities, with the shared objective to support the resurgence of Iraq’s higher education sector as a beacon in the Middle East, central to which will be mitigation against the permanent and catastrophic loss to Iraq of a major part of its academic capital now living in exile.

Pathfinder University Grants Scheme is an institutional grant stream introduced in 2006 with the financial support of Sigrid Rausing Trust, to help universities develop more effective systems, policies and practices in support of refugee and at-risk academics.