Zimbabwe Programme


The Zimbabwe Programme was launched in 2009, in response to a marked increase in the number of academics fleeing Zimbabwe and reports of the dramatic decline in the quality of the higher education sector.

CARA’s Zimbabwe Programme aims to support the resurgence of Zimbabwe’s higher education sector as a beacon in southern Africa, central to which is the mitigation against the permanent and catastrophic loss to Zimbabwe of a major part of its academic capital that has been deprived of an academic future in country.


CARA's Higher Education Consultations were held in early 2010, resulting in the publication of a Consultation Findings Report, detailing how the Zimbabwean diaspora could support the rebuilding of Zimbabwe’s higher education system .

Grant and Fellowship Programme was launched in January in 2011 with generous support from the the Nuffield Foundation, to support beleaguered academics and the higher education institutions in country, piloted through the subjects of Health and Natural Sciences.

A Virtual Lecture Hall Programme will be functioning in September 2011, with generous support from Econet Wireless, to enable academics in the diaspora to reconnect with the College of Health Science, the Faculties of Science and Veterinary Science and the School of Pharmacy at the University of Zimbabwe (UZ), through virtual means, thereby improving standards of teaching and research and facilitating increased networking and collaboration.            

For further information, please contact CARA's office on 0207 021 0880 or zimbabwe.cara@lsbu.ac.uk