London South Bank University Schools

London South Bank University offers seven different schools for the prospective students to choose from. This is wonderful because students from any background are able to pursue whichever career they choose. LSBU (London South Bank University) prides itself on its vocational training. The school is also known for the professional atmosphere it provides for the students. Professors tend to cover more than just what is required for each course. They also cover necessary skills needed for their given career area and what each student will need to expect from their desired career field. Read on to discover the seven different schools in depth!

LSBU offers seven different schools including the following: The School of Applied Sciences, the School of Arts and Creative Industries, the School of The Built Environment and Architecture, the School of Business, the School of Engineering, the School of Health and Social Care, and the School of Law and Social Sciences. Each school offers a different curriculum unique to the individual student so that they are able to get the most quality education they possibly can from obtaining a degree at London South Bank University. Let’s explore each school a little more!

The School of Applied Sciences covers the following topic areas: sports science, bioscience, food science, sports science, bakery, and psychology. Students can learn a variety of skills in the desired job areas that fall into this school category. The School of Arts and Creative Industries also covers a large variety of areas. These areas include most forms of art such as: film, media, performance arts, interdisciplinary practice and creative approaches, and creative technologies. The School of The Built Environment and Architecture has a select curriculum for those wishing to pursue a career in architecture. This school covers the following areas: architecture, real estate, management in construction, surveying, and civil and building services engineering.

The School of Business is an elite school which provides students an education and training in business, engineering, accounting, finance, marketing, management and people. Those wishing to pursue a career in the field of engineering will not have a problem figuring out which type they would like to go into because the curriculum is unique in itself and will provide any student with any background, a quality education. The School of Engineering will help any student wishing to pursue careers in chemical and petroleum, design and mechanical, electrical engineering, electronic engineering, IT and computer science.

The School of Health and Social Care is perfect for those who would like to go into child healthcare, adult care, disabilities, mental health, nursing, and social work. The School of Law and Social Science ranges quite a bit with every category ranging from education, law, criminology, politics, sociology related topics, housing, planning, hospitality, and tourism.

London South Bank University offers a variety of schools to choose from. The university prides itself on the attention to detail in the vocational training offered at the school. Students should be sure to consider student finances when applying for the school. It is best to assess all options of grants, loans, and scholarships to figure out a plan to pay for schooling. London South Bank University has financial aid officers who are ready and willing to help any student understand the tuition costs and any additional costs necessary to attend this university. Consult with a financial aid officer to understand all of your options. Be sure to have an idea of what you would like to major in and whether or not you will be a full-time or part-time student. Having this information ahead of time will assist your financial aid officer.